Corporate Rental Program

Value for Money

Low monthly payment with special pricing and no disposal needed.

Tax Deductible

Car rentals are usually Tax-Deductible when the vehicle is used to generate assessable income.

Worry Free Car Ownership

Insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance (can be tailored to be with or without) all taken care by Japanex.

Off-balance Sheet Financing

Company vehicles are off balance sheet, the rented vehicles will enhance the company’s return on fixed assets employed.

Wide Choice of Vehicle

You are able to enjoy a different range of vehicles that Japanex have.

Easy Budgeting

Rental fee is fixed throughout the rental term and can be structured to company’s requirement to suit budget and cash flow.

No Risk of Inflation / Residual Loss

The risk on residual value is undertaken by us and we will absorb any of the increases.

Our Services

We concern about your transportation needs and hence here in Japanex,
we offer you with various handy services: Self-Drive Car Rental, Chauffeur Services, Airport Transfers, and Special Events.

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